Porches is a very small village with history and is located between Lagoa and Alcantarilha in the main road 125. Its surroundings go from the Via do Infante - to the Ocean, finishing in the beautiful beach of Nossa Senhora da Rocha, a spectacular beach and an hermitage on the top of a hill over the sea.
The Porches region used to be essentially rural –almonds, figs and excellent red wine- until some 30 years ago.
Its history is older than the beginning of our kingdom history in the Algarve. In 1249 the king Afonso III conquered Porches from the Moors. D. Dinis -the famous poet king- made Porches an administrative subdivision of a district in 1286. D. Fernando changes this situation and Porches was attached to the administrative subdivision of Silves. In 1834, Porches became part of the administrative subdivision of Lagoa; this situation has remained since then.

Today Porches is also a seat of the community. There are  still some visible  signs of its antique  location to the south, which place is called Porches Velho.
In the village of Porches, you can find anything essential you need, such as: a Health Centre, a Chemistry, a Catholic Church, four quality Restaurants, two small mini-markets.
Its privileged loction offers you the oportunity of going to famous and beautiful places in a few minutes. The beautiful beaches of Nossa Senhora da Rocha and Armação de Pera are at about 4/5 kms away - and from there you can travel in a small boat and visit the most wonderful part of the Algarvian coast and its grottoes. Carvoeiro is at a distance of 10 kms, Portimão at 15 , Albufeira at 20 ....